10 Resources That Every Writer Needs

Saesha Kukreja
4 min readJun 20, 2021

Resources are key for any writer’s success so I am here to share 10 that have helped me along the way and will hopefully help you as well!

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1. The Most Dangerous Writing App

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This is a good one if you are suffering with writer’s block. It pushes you to keep writing because if you don’t, all your progress will be lost.

It can definitely be difficult to navigate at first, but once you get used to the format it really helps with getting words out. You can try it out here.

2. Onomatopoeia Dictionary

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This Dictionary is really useful when you’re tying to search for a specific sound. You can view the full dictionary here.

3. Prompts

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Any type of prompt can help combat writer’s block and rekindle motivation for a new project. Here is a good website with a variety of prompts.

4. Descriptionari

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Descriptionari helps when you need inspiration or need to understand something that you don’t have first hand experience with. You can search for a variety of topics using their website.

5. Mixtus Media

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Mixtus Media helps with breaking down rather confusing topics in relation to publishing and writing. They have articles about everything from how to grow your Instagram account to how to start a newsletter.



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