5 Classic Books Everyone Should Read in Their Lifetime

Saesha Kukreja
6 min readMay 7

For the longest time, I begrudgingly only ever read realistic fiction. Because, unlike some other parts of my life, I didn't love to experiment with the books I read. But as a writer, I've learned the importance of being well-read and particularly the value of books that remain timeless. Below are a few of the reads that I have particularly enjoyed.

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1. Animal farm

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I will admit that I was assigned to read this book for my grade 10 English class 🤓. It was a short read (I managed to get through it in a couple of hours), and it reminded me of Anne of Green Gables. This book seems childish at face value, but it has a deeper meaning which makes it worth it in the end.

2. Oliver twist

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This was my first classic read at the ripe age of 10. This was before I knew how popular (and old) this book was, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It follows the story of Oliver from a young age to teenagehood, and we get to see his character develop throughout the span of the book.

I remember that I presented this book to my class in fourth grade for “Book Talk,” which is when you make a presentation to the class about a book you like. A boy in my class made a face at the book and told me how “boring” it looked after my presentation. I told him he shouldn't judge a book by its cover and lent him the book to read.

When he finished it, he told me I was right(!) and the book was not nearly as boring as he had imagined. This book has the charm of being able to be enjoyed at any age by anyone.

3. Little Woman

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I read this book in the sixth grade, and for some reason, unlike Oliver Twist, my memory of this book is hazy. Not because it wasn't a great book but…

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