Resources are key for any writer’s success so I am here to share 10 that have helped me along the way and will hopefully help you as well!

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1. The Most Dangerous Writing App

As a recent high school grad I’m here to spill all my secrets. I’ve added a plethora of resources below that’ve personally helped my peers and I succeed in high school, and I hope that other students (such as yourself) can make use of them as well!

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  • Desmos is a graphing calculator that is very helpful for upper year math high school courses (highly recommend because a physical graphing calculator is very expensive!)
  • Photomath, Symbolab, and Wolfram Alpha are all really helpful if you get stuck on a math problem
  • GeoGebra (bascially the bootleg version of Desmos, but helpful for…

I have compiled a list of publications, magazines, and contests that are worth entering — better yet most of them are free and easy to enter!

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For each publishing opportunity I’ll walk through:

What They Accept: This will allow you to get an idea of what type of work they publish (e.g. short stories, poetry, etc.).

Requirements: Age/geographic location requirements if applicable (not inclusive of content requirements such as line/word count)

Deadline: I will give you the deadline of the most current opportunity they are recruiting for (some are year-round though!).

Method: This will cover how to submit (through their…

This post is adapted from my short story called ‘Crimson Sky’ which was featured in INKspire. You can check it out here.

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I was outside, walking to the park. I had practically begged my mom to let me go to the park because she argued as to why I needed to go out in the freezing cold weather when I could get sick. I told her that I just needed to go out to get some fresh air, and after my relentless arguing, she finally gave in. I was tired and hungry. My stomach growled because all I had had…

Marketing is all around us: on the TV, radio, billboards, buses, and our phones. Therefore, it is no surprise that companies have been increasingly focusing on digital marketing as a way of gauging interest in customers. Certain tactics can be identified when it comes to digital marketing, but before we discuss the future outlook of those trends, let’s define what digital marketing is.

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is advertising distributed via digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps (Marketo, 2021). …

I tried this doing this challenge 3 times. And you know what they say, “Third Time’s the Charm”, right? Well turns out that was a bust because the third time I did this challenge I also failed. But lo and behold, I finally got it right the fourth time around and here I am to share that experience.

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Picture this: It has officially been more than an year since you’ve been stuck at home and you’ve recently started to feel sluggish. So you decide that for one month, you will exercise every single day. Idealistic? Perhaps. Impossible? Not at all!

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I had my last high school class this morning. And, I feel so proud to announce that I am finally a high school graduate! It feels surreal, scary, and absolutely heartwarming. While this year was filled with uncertainty there have been a lot of lessons that I will take away from this year that has been both invaluable and unforgettable.

Although we didn’t have in-person graduation or prom this year, I did have virtual graduation in which I got a little teary-eyed, to say the least. It felt wholesome watching memories from the past few years that felt like they…

When I wanted to get my work published, I searched the internet far and wide to find suitable places to submit. I would often be disappointed because of the lack of paid opportunities. However, over the years I have compiled a list of publications that are worth entering — better yet most of them are free and easy to enter!

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For each publishing opportunity I’ll walk through:

What They Accept: This will allow you to get an idea of what type of work they publish (e.g. short stories, poetry, etc.).

Method: This will cover how to submit (through their website…

Quarantine has lead many people to their true passion. Maybe yours is writing a book? Lucky for you I have broken down the whole process into a few easy to understand steps that will lead you to self-published greatness.

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1. Write the Book

My 10th Grade English teacher would always tell me that my writing needed flow. At first, I was stumped. What does flow even mean? Why do we need it in writing? And how could I possibly incorporate it into my writing?

Slowly but surely, however, I’ve learnt the skills necessary to make my writing flow, and here I’ll share some tips you can use to impress your entire English class!

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1. Use Transitions

This one might seem obvious, but I know I’m not the only one who has received this feedback from a teacher before. You see, our inner monologue is basically just…

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